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Welcome to Badlesmere Terriers


Our Kennel started in 1971 with our foundation bitch Souperlative Booksale Angel Tears, bought from Miss Weatherill. In our very first litter by Ch. Maerdy Maestro of Ormandy she produced Ch. Badlesmere Bonaparte of Souperlative and Ch. Badlesmere Bit of Luck. Bonaparte in his year won The Regent Trophy, The Ormandy Jug for Dogs and The Charlie Girl Cup for Best Mover at the Bull Terrier Major Trophy Show. He continued his winning ways by being top stud dog on the wins of his progeny for two years.
We went on to breed over the years Champions
Badlesmere Barrow Boy, Badlesmere Buckeye, Bright Diamond, Badlesmere Brother Tadger.
We continue to breed top quality health tested Bull Terriers with the emphasis on temperament, health and quality suitable as trouble free family pets which look pretty good too, often of show quality.

My involvement in Bull Terriers has resulted in me being a Championship Show Judge since 1984. I have judged all over the world. Currently editor of The Bull Terrier Club Bulletin and a trustee of Bull Terrier Club (UK) Welfare Trust.
I am always prepared to give behavioural or dietry help and advice, based on many years of experience.

All our breeding stock are BAER/UPC/Kidney and Heart tested. All puppies are KC Registerd tattooed and insured plus hearing tested. Full puppy diet chart and advice are provided with lifelong aftercare advice. Homes are strictly screened.

Miniature Bull Terriers
We have been breeding Miniature Bull Terriers since 1987 and have bred six champions and two International champions. The latest top winner is Ch. Badlesmere Bluebeard at Byzantine co. owned with Jane Wilford. Again health and temperament are priority and we are only breeding within the KC/AHT Interbreeding Scheme in the hope of avoiding Primary Lens Luxation so common in Miniatures.
Our Miniatures are of excellent temperament Heart tested/UPC Kidney tested and of course eye tested frequently. They are available to carefully screened homes with the same advice and aftercare as the Bull Terriers


Badlesmere Ballyhooligan
Owned by Mr G Cox
Has been invited to the Major Bull Terrier club trophy's
Regent Ormandy jug for dogs and the Sandawana 2006

We have 3 middle age retired ladys
only the best homes need apply
all must be only much loved pets!


Diana's experience with Breast Actives


Miniature Bull Terriers are amazing dogs with stubborn temperament which require quite little grooming. They are beautiful exemplars whom which any dog groomer will proudly show off, so there is no wonder that many people come with their Miniature Bull Terriers in show ring and do their best to make a champion from their dog.

I often go with Lana, my gorgeous white Bull Terrier at contests, yet we did not have any luck. However, at one of these contests I met Diana, who came there with here beautiful Milo. Our dogs liked each other and Diana and I became friends. We often go for walks together and chitchat about this and that. Last time we met, Diana asked my opinion about breast enlargement.

I told her I would like to enlarge the size of my breasts, but in a natural way, so she told me her experience with Breast Actives. It seems that this three step program is one of the most popular natural breast enhancement methods currently available on market. Diana took Breast Actives pills and used the cream for about 6 months and she was very happy with the results achieved. As she started to get older, because she has somewhere about 40 years old, her breasts became less firm and a little saggy. Just like me, Diana is afraid of undergoing a surgical procedure to fix her breasts, so she said she would rather try a natural method.

Breast Actives was recommended to her by one of her friends, who also had good results. So she purchased a special offer on www.breastactives.org.uk and gave Breast Actives a try.

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Therefore Breast Actives also improves the overall health, besides providing the natural breast enlargement that I also consider to try.

When we were walking our dogs, I ask Diana does breast actives work?. Diana told me that in the first couple of months of treatment with Breast Actives she did not notice anything, but she diligently took the pills and used the cream every day, focusing on what she wanted to achieve: larger and firmer breasts without scars.

She did not have any side effects, no weight gain, no stomach upset, nothing. But after six months of treatment, she gained 1 cup size and she said she is a lot more confident and happy with herself.

As she discovered that I want to use a breast enlargement method, she recommended me to try Breast Actives. If I am not satisfied by this product, I can get my money back, due to the guarantee provided by the supplier of Breast Actives.

When we reached this point of conversation, it was the time to say goodbye and separate our paths. But next time when we will meet, when we will walk Lana and Milo, I will definitely ask her more details about Breast Actives and her experience with it, because I want to give Breast Actives a try.


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